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Friday, 5 December 2008

Countdown - -

- - to Christmas - - so dark as I go home after school in these short winter days – yet sometimes I get an unexpected boost to the spirits – I look up to see a sickle moon and the evening star – shining so brightly against the deepening blue of the twilight sky – almost I can reach out and pluck them from the sky shiny and bright – ready to hang on my Christmas Tree. A typical Christmas scene moon, I think – the kind usually in the background when you see Santa and his sleigh flying up over the rooftops on a Christmas card.
It’s a true midnight blue at this time of the evening – yes I do know the timing is all wrong! – the smudges of cloud creating texture – it looks so “strokable” and tactile, blue silk velvet in the cold air. As the sky darkens even more the stars begin to appear – pinning up the curtain of the sky!

Another day dawns and I awake to the sound of rain drumming on the skylight – it has turned considerably milder – so no snow for us then - but time to think about our family traditions as we countdown to Christmas - do you open an Advent Calendar, light an advent candle, open a small gift, eat a chocolate? I have done all of these things and this year have gone back to the very old fashioned Advent calendar I had as a little girl - with tiny pictures behind little doors - I think my children think I am finally losing it!
I have been looking back at my pages so far - and have realised that this years journal is mostly journalling - and though I love the papers I am using I am not totally happy with the way the pages look!!! Might have to do them again I think - when I have a bit more time at the weekend perhaps.
With that thought in mind I am going to go with one of the prompt ideas today.
So 25 reasons why I love Christmas

1: The sense of anticipation it brings
2: Putting up my Christmas tree
3: Seeing family & friends
4: Candles
5: Spices - the scent of Christmas baking!! Yum!
6: Candle lit Carol services
7: Pine cones on the fire giving off both scent & colour
8: My glass angels
9: Time at home
10:School Concert
11:Twinkling lights
12:Robins in the garden
14:Special food we only ever have at Christmas
16:Winter walks on Christmas Day
17:Ben's Birthday
18:Gift giving - (no longer too fussed about receiving)
19:Christmas Eve
20:Christmas Music
21:Carols - Listening to and singing them
22:Using my Victorian Sherry glasses (the only time I ever do)
23:Lydia's Birthday
24:Wrapping parcels
25:Christmas Day!!

What do you love?

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Eleni said...

Love your journalling ... I find this year that I'm using more words as well!! :)