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Thursday, 20 November 2008

A grey morning - -

- - and last night was a black night! I always get a slight sense of shock whenever I go home by bus in the winter from how very dark it is here. Street lights are few and far between once I leave the town - only on the main roads in the very centre of the villages - so the windows of the farms and cottages scattered along my route shine out like beacons as the bus whizzes along the lanes.
There are communities en route of course - small villages with really rather a lot of homes tucked away at the back of the main roads on fairly new housing estates - but they still have very few street lamps - particularly compared to the huge conurbations of North West England - where to be truthful - it is never truly dark!
It makes the Christmas lights all the more spectacular though - so I think I prefer it here!
This morning was pale grey - but not dismal, and the trees were very black against the sky. Quite windy when I got out of the car, which I hadn't expected to be honest - but it was blowing straight off Scarlett.
This morning I have cut a few papers for the Crafty Corner girls tomorrow - as I am off the island for a trip to Blackpool Dance Festival - am so looking forward to it!!
Til later J x

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