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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Getting Ready - -

- - for Journalling my Christmas once again. So to get into the spirit (a little early I know) I created this exploding box of The Twelve Days of Christmas (or A Partridge in a Pear Tree if you prefer) to do with my Crafty Corner Girls as a Christmas project. I am also considering offering them a "Star" book class - so may well let them choose which they prefer. We plan to run the class/session on the last day of term for our regular Crafty Corner members - and I am so looking forward to it

Coming into school this morning the sky was just so beautiful - all mother-of pearl colours - just like the inside of an oyster shell - soft pale grey, the faintest of peachy pinks and the gentlest of blues as we drove towards the rising sun. It gave the whole of the bay a very tranquil feel - which felt odd as it had been and incredibly windy night! I could even feel the wind through the skylight in the bedroom- which was a little draughty to say the least!! Still it must have settled down as I woke to a very calm, pale day - slightly grey skies though not in the dull sense if you follow me. These pale grey days make the sea in the bay look like glass - and the few gulls around were reflected in the water this morning. I do love this drive into work - it isn't far but so very often we are driving towards the most beautiful skies - and it does boost my spirits, especially in the long dark days of winter.
Here are a couple more pictures of the exploding box.

Til later J x

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