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Monday, 10 December 2007

Traditions - December 9th

- - I love my Christmas Traditions - like Chocolate Oranges, Sherry when putting up my Christmas Tree, candles, having my family all around me, fairy lights all stuff I included in my Christmas Journal last year - so this year I am just putting a photo of my girls with their grandparents as going for a walk after Christmas lunch is also a family tradition. We have done it as children and adults and only the very most inclement weather has prevented it - and not even then for Doug! He needs his fresh air does my boy! Journalling is on the tag and says

Last year I missd this from my list of traditions of my Christmas, because I forgot to include it, but now I am gald I did as it means I can add something different to this journal. We have always "walked off" our Christmas Dinner - and only the MOST inclement weather has prevented us from going out for a breath of fresh air after lunch on Christmas Day - if even for only 10 minutes (because it was icy cold!) Even the worst weather doesn't stop Doug going out though - he needs his fresh air and to burn off some energy - such a restless chap - the man I married!

Here is the page anyway.TFL

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Love your journal pages