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Monday, 10 December 2007

Listen to the Rhythm - December 8th

- - of the pouring rain - it's pattering down on the skylight above my bed and I think that is what woke me - early for a Saturday as well! Nice weather - for ducks!! It is raining so heavily that I am a little afraid of the cottage flooding. I have never seen rain like to day here on the island - Doug has gone into work this morning so I am going to clean the lounge and make the space for our Christmas tree to go. Then if it ever stops raining I will try to persuade him to take me to Ballapaddag to choose this years tree.
I hasn't stopped raining - but we are going to go into Doolish anyway. Phoned Lydia and we picked her up and took her for her Christmas present. She wanted a good rucksack for her holiday plans for 2008, so we have got her a Karrimor. She chose it herself - so its pink!! Her dad was horrified to think that she picked it on the colour - but me - I understand completely!! It's a girl thing.

Also got a couple of things for Christmas that I wanted, and then dropped Lyds off home before setting back home ourselves - and stopping en route to choose a tree - in spite of the fact it was bucketing down - needless to say I have never chosen a tree so quickly!!!!!

Doug & I spent the afternoon & evening ( apart from watching Strictly Come Dancing) putting it up and decorating it, so we cracked open the Sherry!I can't put up our tree without my traditional glass of sherry. It is slightly smaller than I usually have so the branches are not as sturdy as usual - so I haven't got as many decorations on as usual. I was thinking of going with a change of colour scheme and just having gold, white & silver - but I couldn't get all the white lights to work so have gone with my usual of red, white,gold & silver. I had to use the red lights you see! I am pleased with it though and I think that Ben & Rhiannon like it.

Do you hear what I hear -


Latharia said...

I hope you haven't been washed away!!! It's soothing to listen to the rain coming down, but not if you're worried it'll become a flood! Sounds like your Christmas plans are coming along nicely -- and are lots of fun!

Scrapdolly said...

The rain this year has been unbelievable

I hope you are dry now .... and the tree sounds lush