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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

December 12th

Day 12 of this years journal. In a way this feels like a duplicate prompt to that for day 6 - so as I am short of time I have split that entry. I have to be honest - I look back at all my Christmases and really don't remember one that wasn't happy - even when I split from my first husband - that last Christmas we were together was not unhappy - we had a little one and we both wanted Christmas to be magic for her - so we made it so. Anyway here is the journalling I chose to cover this topic.
Christmas Eve - when I was about 11 or 12 (I think), Granny & Grandad had come to our house for a Christmas Eve supper - hot pork pie was on the menu– I can smell the aroma to this day. Granny was served her piece of pie – but it never got to her mouth as when she picked it up the filling fell out along with all its delicious juices and landed on her somewhat ample bosom! As the initial shock wore off she started to laugh – and so did we!! So much laughter - yet it completely ruined her beautiful new dress – which was a peacock blue brocade – very elegant and a glorious colour, simply because the grease! I never saw her wear that dress again, yet I know she would have loved it – it was a favourite colour of hers, and I am sure my mum must have made it for her. My abiding memory of this evening is of laughter - even after my sister & I had been sent off to bed I could still here the adults laughter as I fell asleep. I feel all warm & fuzzy now! TFL

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