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Friday, 12 October 2007

- - And it's Friday again -

- - where does the time go to?? I wish I knew!! Friday again and I have done so little crafting of any kind since Monday night. I have been so tired when I get home after work this week that I have just curled up in front of the fire. It has been a beautiful week as far as the weather has been concerned - warm, sunny, glorious Autumn Days. Warmer than autumn days really - coming in to work this morning there was a little bantam hen scrabbling in the gutter outside the farmyard gates - and what should be scuttering around her feet but half a dozen balls of fluff - chicks - merrily following mum and scratching for food alongside her! They were so TINY - and it's November in a couple of weeks for goodness sake!! And to top it all just round the bend - the Valerian is all in bloom again - the whole section of this particular Manx hedge is Pink!! yet further along the bracken is turning brown and the leaves are falling!
Poor old Mother Earth - she really is mixed up.
Autumn IS in the air though,the season's distinct perfume caught me unaware last evening - slightly smoky,slightly cold,vaguely crisp,clean and sharp - the scent of the earth herself - or is that only me being fanciful? The sycamore across the street is losing it's leaves and they crunch under my feet as I walk down the hill to my cottage. I love that we have such different seasons in our cooler climes - as each one comes round I find myself thinking "THIS is my favourite season" - I do have a real soft spot for Autumn though - as it is my birthday season as well as having Bonfire Night in it!! and I so love the russets and faded greens, and the reds and yellows of the turning leaves - my colours - both that I choose to wear and scrap with!
Anyway - as I am at work I really ought to just post this, so will finish now til weekend.


Latharia said...

It's been very warm here -- but it has finally cooled down and FEELS like Autumn. I hope it wafts your way soon, so you can soak up the season! :D

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Hi Jennie I've tagged you check out my blog for details, and please don't feel you have to take part LOL