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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Prize Night - -

- - tonight at school. I really ought to be going to clap like mad when my girl collects her 11 GCSE Certificates - well at least the empty envelope, as up to yesterday the certificates proper had not arrived!!!! However she has informed me very forcefully that she doesn't want us there!!!! " No reason for you to have to spend a boring evening too mum!!" Her words not mine - but since her dad agrees wholeheartedly with her it looks as if we might not go. She told me "It would be different if I was getting a REAL prize mum,like Sammy is getting for her music - a proper award, so don't come - I don't want you to!"
No pictures til later - as I didn't do any scrappy things last night - it was WI Meeting so went to that instead as I haven't seen my friends there since July. It was a little different than I expected as we thought we were having a talk from a jeweller and finished up MAKING our own pairs of earrings - Quite good fun really as it gave us an opportunity to chat!
Here is a picture of those I made.I'm quite pleased with them really but don't know how much I will wear them.The colours are much clearer and fresher than the scan shows and the beads are all glass so feel nice as well as looking pretty.

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