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Monday, 3 September 2007

Land of Shining Water

Shimelle's class has got me back to trying to post on here daily. I do seem to have got out of the habit of MAKING a few minutes to post!!! LOL. Here is today's page - and a few reflections -
Well - had to get my nose to the grindstone again today as I went back to work - school doesn't re open for the kids until Thursday, bit it was business as usual for we support staff!! We have had major refurbishment going on in the IT Dept. (where I work as Network manager & Pupil/Staff support) and today I was hoping to get the computers back into the classrooms - only to find myself shot down in flames by the works dept.They wouldn't let us put the kit on the benches!!!! Do they think I can get 60+ computers connected and operational in 2 minutes!! .I am sure they think that we can just put 30 chairs in each room and "bingo!!!!" it's ready.Tant over - I'll see what tomorrow brings.
It has been a beautiful day here - I just wish I could have spent more time outside enjoying the sunshine. Coming home from work this afternoon the bay was beautiful - there is a book about the Island called " Land of Shining Water" and today I knew exactly where that title came from - the whole bay was shimmering with silver light - refracting, sparkling like diamonds lit by candle light making me glad to have eyes to see such beauty and feel blessed indeed to be living here.Went for a brief walk this evening to enjoy the beautiful sunset and was surprised to find that there was coolish wind springing up - yet the bay was still glimmering silver in the golden sunlight of the setting sun. There were several photographers out as well, as Ireland was silhouetted against the sun very clearly - but I hadn't taken my camera!!! Never mind eh?

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Latharia said...

Wonderful page! Love the soft colors -- really brings out the photo!