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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Chilled Out Sunday

Have had a lovely day - been playing all day with various crafty projects. Have completed my swap for UKS - worked on my Gratitude Journal, and started thinking about my first Circle Journal. Will post pictures in a later post.Hopefully!!
We (Doug & I ) went to the Villa Marina last night to watch a professional dance demonstration - the British No 2 Couple. They were very good - a pleasure to watch and they danced to some lovely melodies, so I had to go on iTunes to find them LOL - they are now on my iPod so I can listen when ever I want . It really was great, even though there was no general dancing - I need to include it in my gratitude journal - watching someone dance so beautifully is like a gift - and inspires me to want to dance better myself - a small pleasure maybe, but one that makes me feel good.

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