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Tuesday, 14 August 2007


- - and I have a day off - guess what - it's raining!So I am scrapping instead of going out - well making ATC's actually. I have been thinking about another one of the 1000 Words albums but as I have not yet sorted out any pictures,I haven't got anywhere with it, and as I am joining in a swap on UKS - I have made my first set of ATCs for the By the Beautiful Seashore swap. I have had fun doing these sooooo much! I hope they will be OK as I am a real "newbie" where ATCs are concerned. I just hope they are up to an acceptable standard. Anyway here are the first 3 I have done.

The stripy background paper is because it reminded me of deckchairs - which were a real feature of the seashore when I was a little girl - they don't seem to have them anymore sadly I feel - but then I DO have the "Nostalgia Gene" in bucketloads!!!Any constructive critique/comments will be welcome as I am definitely on a learning curve with these little cards, and I don't have much - if any - of the "altered Art" stuff that lots of the cards I have viewed contain. I hope to upload the rest before I post them to our host.

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Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Beautiful ATC's Guinevere, looks like the Design Collective class has got you addicted. I struggled to come up with 3 let alone making more LOL. Love the background paper choice...