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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

A change of craft --

Temporarily anyway. Out cam the old sewing machine this afternoon to make teddy clothes for my niece's new bear. All her class were give a "School Bear" when they left primary school this year, and he is wearing a T shirt with the school Logo on - but Imy wans him to have a full school uniform - so her mum and I made one by cutting up her old school uniform - took us all afternoon!!!! He is called Romeo - (shades of Victoria Beckham here !! LOL)but I know she will be delighted with his new outfits when her mum gives them to her. They go on holiday on Friday and she is getting them when they get on the boat - to keep her entertained for the journey.
Ages since I did any sewing - other than mending, so it made a nice change - however I do want to get back to my papers and CS!! I am doing Shimelle's new class and have got everything ready - and am itching to start!

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