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Monday, 25 June 2007

The Parish Walk

A busy weekend for lots at school - about 40 of the school staff were taking part in the Parish Walk as was my sister, so Saturday was completely taken up with 1} collecting my new glasses & 2} following the walkers round the south of the island!This is a long distance endurance walk - 85 miles in all - around the island and checking in at every Parish Church on the island en route - hence its name, which has to be completed in 24 hours. The Veterans Race officially ends in Peel, but a considerable number continue to complete the whole race.
The majority of our school walkers were aiming for the Parish of Rushen (19 miles)and they have to check in by 2pm in order to be classed as successful, and a goodly number of them succeeded. Several decided to continue - reaching Peel before retiring from the race and we had our finisher - who did the whole thing!
My sister & her friends were aiming for Peel - and made it!!! I am so proud of her as she was first to check in from her group - a couple of whom are VERY competitive!She was made up with success when she phoned me to say she'd got her medal!
Sunday was a horrid day as far as the weather was concerned - rain til quite late. Doug & I went out for a drive to the Sound, I had a lovely lunch there and we watchec the seals for a good while. It did start to brighten up a bit so we came back home & Doug went for a long walk and I - well I just pottered!!

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Scrapdolly said...

WOW - that is quite some walk
I love traditions like this - they are so special