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Friday, 8 June 2007

Last Day of 100th TT Races

My weekend started early this week. Today is a Bank Holiday here! DH and I had a "day out" have been to watch the last race in the 100th Anniversary of TT Races. Did my best to get some DECENT photos - really tried to remember all Cheryl's techniques from the class, so hope to get some good scrapping out of them!! Then we had a picnic lunch, a walk round the garden centre and chose plants for my hanging baskets, before going back to watch the bikers on the Lap of Honour. Later we went to Niarbyl for afternoon tea - including luscious strawberries!!! Feeling really lucky after such a lovely day!! Senior race day today and John McGuinness won. The Lap of Honour was seriously delayed - which generally means bad news - and sadly turned out to be the case - an accident on the course. However before we heard I decided to walk back to Tynwald Hill and to take some photos using the lessons learned from Cheryl's class. I wanted to get pictures of church in a way I can never see it on Tynwald Day - far too many crowds. I was truly given a gift - walking back through the village - it was totally deserted in a way beloved of the English Crime Writer! It was a hot sleepy afternoon - with no sign of any life other than the beautiful gardens - and I really enjoyed the feeling of being the only person around. I am pleased with these photos as I feel that I did look for the texture and angle of my shots, so feel that I am benefiting from the workshop, even though I have missed most of the deadlines.
It is a beautiful church, and inside it is laid out like the Tynwald Chamber. It plays an important role in the ceremony on Tynwald Day, though usually only the dignatories are in the church.

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