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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Young Enterprise Final Day - -

- - is tomorrow and so I have a change from my routine and get to spend the whole day at the Judging for the final.We have 3 very good companies this year and I do so hope they do well because they do so deserve to! The teamwork and commitment they have all shown really needs to be recognised - and I am routing for all of them! I need to make sure my camera is fully charged and that I have a clear memory card for taking photos, pack my bag with the laptop, camera, batteries, the list of 6th formers getting the coach (my job to check them off as they board) and a freshen up kit and clean top = the skirt will take me through as I can dress it up or down!! - (when I say all day I mean til 10pm!!) The day finishes with a dinner to which I have been invited - so I do need to be able to freshen up as there is no time to get back down south to change before the reception starts. Looking forward to it to be truthful as I enjoy seeing what the other schools have come up with. Will try to post some photos on Friday.
Off out now for a walk as it is such a lovely evening.

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Latharia said...

Sounds like quite the arduous day -- I hope it was wonderful!