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Thursday, 1 March 2007

St David's Day and the start of my new journal

Happy St. David's Day!!!
Not being Welsh I didn't wear a daffodil - but we have had leeks with tea tonight!!:) :)Have another lovely packet from my friend Jamie. I will post some pictures later if the light is good enough.

Beautiful blue skies and puffs of cotton wool for clouds all scudding by in the wind today with white tops to all the waves.In the school garden, tucked away in a corner, we have primroses in bloom, and I am sure I am the only person who appreciates them, as the garden is so neglected these days. It is a hangover form when the school was able to offer Rural Science as part of the curriculum - which was perfect for a predominantly farming community that my island home is - but NOW we MUST follow the National Curriculum!!! Academia is not for everyone - and it is time government realised this - the Manx education system was at its best when they provided the education that it's community needed!! Sorry - this is just something I feel passionate about.

All the halyards on the yachts in the harbour at lunch time were rattling in the wind and it was wuthering when I got home this evening, so it has been a windy but a bright and sparkling day. It's a cold evening with the sky pinned up by stars - but there is such a feel of peace and tranquillity in the air.
Kevin, a work colleague is leaving us - promotion for him but he will be missed in school, so it has been a day of mixed feelings - pleased and proud of him ( he's like another son) and sad and almost tearful as he will be leaving us. He is such a good teacher! I hate change!!!
I have also made my first page for my new journal - I will scan it and post a picture tomorrow. I am doing this with Jamie and a few other ladies, and todays prompt is here, so if anyone else feel like joining us just post a comment on the blog.
Be back later.

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