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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

nothing much

I have decided to pay the first month sub for the Design Collective - exciting being in at the beginning of something new, and I am now looking forward to seeing how the forum and classes develop.
Afternoon off today and went for a massage - I could do this every day!! It was total bliss. I had the hot stones massage = relaxed totally! So believe me when I say if you ever need a stress buster this is the one to go for! Came home floating on air. Enjoyed my quiet hour at home before the family returned for tea and afterwards am going out to a quiz night.
Today has been a beautiful spring day with blue skies and gentle breeze, and the in the trees the hooded crows are attempting to nest build! The branches are still bare yet they are arriving one after the other with twigs in their beaks! Watching them from the window in school I had to laugh - the twigs just fell to the ground, so they are not very experienced at nest building obviously.

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lydia said...

so did you have a good time then mum - i forgot to ring back & say happy birthday to dad - i had better try again later.