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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Glorious Day

How many shades of grey does it take to turn the sky to pearls and the inside of an oyster shell? I only know it was so many I couldn't count them. I don't think I realised there were quite so many shades of grey, but this morning coming in the colours in the sky ranged from steel grey to silver and the light was almost silky in texture. It's turned into a beautiful day as well. Fresh and bright when I was out at lunch time. Brightness really warms the grey stone that the buildings are made from and softens its harsher tones so the the town looks so much prettier. It is attractive even in the worst the weather can throw at the island - but in the sun - so welcoming.
This evening it was so beautiful I had to go out for a walk before the light went, and I could just see the Mountains of Mourne - very hazy and faint across the bay. The sun was behind clouds and the rays streamed down from behind, edging them all with gold; a single shaft of sunlight made a golden sword just shimmering under the surface of the water and out in the bay other rays spread pale and wide, scattering diamonds all over the sea.I stood a long time just leaning on the wall - drinking in the glory with my eyes, before the winds chill forced movement on me - I headed home.

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Linda said...

What a wonderful way with words, I could almost see what you saw. Thank you.