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Friday, 9 February 2007

Whiteout on the mountain - - -

No snow again in the south – but lots on the higher ground and a real whiteout on the mountain and they have closed the mountain road - I think in Sulby Glen, buts its really hard to tell from the webcam on Manx Radio's website. Nearer the coast it is just sleet and rain, though it is colder than it was first thing and it hasn’t really got light today. Driving in this morning it felt like I was living in a totally different place to earlier in the week. The weather has such an impact on how the island appears. The heavy grey clouds turn Gansey bay to a grim lake – moody and malevolent --- it could almost be a scene from the film Excaliber where the arm appears and grabs the sword as Gawaine (I think it was Sir Gawaine who had to take the sword when King Arthur tells him) returns it to the Lady of the Lake. I am willing to stand corrected on this though as my memory could be totally at fault – specially as I think I have cotton wool for a brain today – am full of a cold!! The hills are blurry through the sleety drizzle,and Manannan has his cloak over their heads again - though this time it feels as if he means to leave it there!
Rhiannon came in early with me today, to do some of her Art GCSE coursework - I do so hope she gets the grades she deserves as she has tried so hard and put such a lot of effort in to ALL her coursework. She makes feel really proud - she is a real "grafter" this youngest of my children. Please God let Rhiannon get the credit she deserves.

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scrapdolly said...

Here's wishing Rhiannon every success

I had a wonerful gift int he post today from my cousin - family tree information - and my grandmothers family come from the Isle of Mann.
Your writings will be even more meaningful now