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Thursday, 8 February 2007

No Snow - -

Not so cold this morning – and no sign of the snow they promised us yet the sky is very heavy – so maybe they have just got the timing wrong. Threatening clouds drift across the sky in all shades of grey and there seems to be no light anywhere – where has the sun gone?? The sea is molten grey steel, rolling and swirling as the breeze skims the surface of the water, so each wave froths white - - those seahorses are galloping in, their white manes tossing and tumbling as they race towards the shore yet it looks so unforgiving and cold out towards Ireland. The water’s ebb and flow is the only visible movement, unusually there are no birds to be seen over the bay, and on the farm the sheep huddle together - for company or warmth?? I don’t know but the sky seems so menacing in the half light we have woken to today.

Only a smattering of snow - just on South Barrule, Snaefell and Cronk-ny-Eary-Laa, and possibly only on this side of them up high, nothing on the lower slopes. Think I might be coming down with the cold that is doing the rounds as I haven't been able to get warm all day and have now developed a dry cough and feel shivery so it's an early night for me today.

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Latharia said...

We had snow promised to us 3 times before it really came to pass ... don't lose hope! :) I hear that London got between 2 & 5 inches! WOW!