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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Unexpected Sunshine - - -

Rain this morning has cleared to the most beautiful clear blue sky, though I don’t know how long it will last and the sunshine draws me outside so do “my walk” through Bradda Glen. Bradda Head is criss-crossed with foootpaths - along the coast, up to the headland, down to the sea but this that I consider MY walk is a circular walk that goes along the coastal path and returns about half way up the hillside. I love this walk – it isn’t long as I can do it easily inside half an hour – going through the arch, I drop down into the glen to the first bridge, crossing the stream that rises on the other side of the road, comes along the side of the Golf Links, disappears under the road, beneath the cottages in the hamlet that makes up our small community before re-emerging in the Glen and tumbling to the sea. On its way it makes a small pool just below the bridge where mallard come to rear their ducklings – this is a favourite stopping place for me – being above the pool it’s a great “nature watching” spot and there is just a glimpse of Spaldrick Beach and the sea through the trees. I can hear a Jenny Wren, though I can’t see her, and there is also the tick-tick of the robin as he flits around staking his claim to the clearing here. His bright beady eyes watch me when I stop and his little redbreast glows brightly in the sunlight as he flits between the bare branches. When I set off walking again he flew off in front and kept stopping to look back at me with his head cocked on one side, as if he was making sure I was following!!
All down the glen spear like shoots are pushing up though the ground – crocus, daffodils and the white narcissus whilst the snowdrops – brave, sturdy and tough little plants that they are, are in full bloom, and turning the corner golden 3 daffy-down-dillies, crocus and the golden stars that are either aconite or celandine (I always get these 2 mixed up) are already blossoming! So glad I came out!!

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Flapsi Hapsi said...

Lovely pics - can't wait for spring now!