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Sunday, 18 February 2007

"Oh what a beautiful morning - - -

O what a beautiful day, I've got the glorious feeling, everything's going my way "
Today my world is sparkling in the sunlight. We've just been for a walk all along the bay from Gansey into Port St Mary on the coast path, along the promenade, across the Cakewalk and right round to the harbour. It just a sparkling day - the sun shines, the sky is blue, the sea is jade and diamonds and alls right with my world.This is lovely walk as it is all on the level & so I don't have any problems with my knee as I do when we do upsy/downsy walks. There is an abundance of wildlife around today, it has to be because it is warmer there are ducks, oyster catchers, and wading birds at the waters edge (redshanks I think - but with the sunlight so bright on the water it is difficult to be sure. We walk past what has to be my favourite house on the island - Gansey Point House - it is in the most fantastic setting, though it is probably very exposed to the weather in the winter, but is so attractive! Round the bend we can see Port St Mary - which is a true linear village, houses and cottages clinging to the shore line all along the bay. The promenade is wide and pleasant and as we head for the harbour the pied wagtails bob along in front of us with their curious dipping flight. The promenade leads straight into the Cakewalk - a raised wooden structure which today, with the tide being in, is like walking along a pier, whilst way above us is the High St of the village and its apartments, cottages and houses, though not many shops - all of which have steep gardens hanging on to the cliff face. Not much colour in them yet - but lots of fat buds!!
Arriving at the harbour is one of the delights of my island home - I think Port St Mary Harbour is the most attractive on the island - still the home of a few fishing boats, crabbers and queenie boats and lots of yachts. The sailing community does indeed like Port St Mary - and so do I!

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