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Sunday, 25 February 2007

Crafty Sunday

Doug has been climbing this afternoon which gave me a “craft afternoon” so I have made a few mini books – great fun to do. I should really be adding to my albums and getting some photos in them – but I felt like making little books so that is what I have done. Had a lot of fun this afternoon. Gone completely OTT on making books - I think I have an addictive personality!!
Have had two short walks today one down to the village this morning – the bell was ringing at St Catherine’s as we went down the hill and the parking spaces on the prom were fast filing up as everyone arrived for service. It was quite breezy down there in the village and there was a definite wind chill factor! Just confirms how very sheltered the cottage is as it was so much warmer in my garden.
When Doug got back we took some glass to the bottle bank at Grainger’s car park and decided when we got there that we would do the circular walk. The sky was quite amazing – great golden shafts of light streaming down over the water, making a huge silver lake of the bay out towards Ireland, yet grey cloud over our heads actually meant that the sun was totally invisible and we were treated to odd spots of rain as we walked along the coast path! Looking out over the bay from this angle, the Calf of Man and the hills of the Meayll Peninsula stretch out into the sea like the paws of a huge sleeping lion, brooding and a little menacing in this most peculiar light - all the green of the fields has vanished – yet the sea is silver; turning to head home the windows of the apartments and hotels of Port Erin are all gold and glowing with reflected sunlight from the shafts of light hitting them. There are spring flowers here in the glen already - daffodils and snowdrops in bloom together; how crazy is that? and in the grass here and there a soft shimmer of purple as the crocus start to appear. It's turning colder as well so am glad to be arriving at the cottage and tea!


scrapdolly said...

Yet again I find your blog restires me and brightens my day
Thank you

Latharia said...

What's wrong with having an addictive personality? :)

P.S. I think you may have won something over at A Fancy Word for Simple. :)

Pollyanna Peapod Pollywog said...

I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog and also tell you how very inspired I am after reading yours. I am very green at this whole thing and I like to learn from those who are doing it so well.