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Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Slide Show- Take 2 -

- - I did it!! I have added my very first slide show of my work to my blog! I know I work with computers, but I am not good with web stuff at all, so am feeling really pleased with myself. It's a good job it's so simple to do - otherwise I know those whizzy support types would be calling it a UIC problem!
Anyway just a little bit about the album; it is a class I signed up for with BigPicture Scrapbooking in December, and took all the photos for over this festive season. The album design is very simple, and at 6x6 works beautifully. I added the swirly stamping myself to make it slightly more decorative and I used my favourite (and very well known) flowers. The album is a K & Co Christmas Album, so I also used their papers too. I am very happy with it, as it now holds photos of decorations, some of which are so fragile they may well get broken in the future, that are very special for me and our family. They all hold memories and I know for certain that my eldest daughter(and probably the others too) will read this little book in the future some time and be glad I made it.I hope so anyway


Latharia said...

Awesome! I am impressed....both by your technical abilities with the slide show & also your beautiful work! :)

scrapdolly said...

Gorgeous album - and what a treasured ememory it is going to become.
Well done on setting the slide show - I sure did enjoy watching it

Lydia said...

so is it mine then since i am the only one who looks at the page - hehe - very good mum keep it up , you are doing very well indeed and seem to be getting a lot of pleasure from it

lots of love