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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Christmas Day Pages for the journal - - -

I have finished Christmas Day pages in the Journal. The photos haven't come out very well really as you can't read the journalling, it says - -
Christmas Day 2006. Lydia came round in the morning, in the afternoon we all went round to Rosemary & Carl's. Mum & Dad are staying with them. A lovely family day.

Hidden journalling also include and is tucked away on tags. It says - -

A Tale of Two Christmas Trees. As usual we have spent our Christmas with my family. On the Day itself we went round to my sister's house in Derbyhaven for a magnificent Christmas Dinner cooked by Carl. We also had the pleasure of the company of Lydia's housemate Lisa & her small son Tyler, joining us for the present giving after we had eaten. Imogen & Tyler took the parcels round to everyone - being the youngest!! After we played Charades, and Subject & Object before we all wended our separate ways home.The trees are mine & my sisters.
On Boxing Day they came to our house and we had a lot of fun after we had eaten playing similar games - Subject & Object again, "Psychic Mind Reading", and the Spirit Moves - with mum & me & Rosemary "reading" each other's minds. Lots of laughter and people trying to guess how it was done. Ben brought his new girlfriend to meet us - she probably thinks we are all QUITE mad!! She seemed to enjoy herself at our party though. Hope he brings her to us again soon.

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Latharia said...

Tell me more about Psychic Mind Reading -- sounds like the kind of game I'd enjoy with my friends!!

Love the tale of 2 trees!