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Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Back to reality - - -

Reality strikes today as I have returned to work. It is nice to see some of the girls again though, and catch up with them. Still very wild & windy here today so Doug has gone out windsurfing again.I think that it may be too windy really today - but I am no expert.He goes back to work tomorrow. The waves are really crashing against our shores and in my office I can hear the wind howling above my head. On the corridor it sounds like the pagan gods (like Titan or Vulcan) are playing skittles. The wind just seems to roll along the roof like a giant ten-pin bowling ball.
I did make a real start to tidying my desk - I can actually see it now, as it is no longer covered in computers & papers relating to their issue. It is always so frantic on the last day of term, that my desk always looks like it has been hit by a bomb.
So nice to feel organised again.
I have also made a start with some New Year letters, including the next one to my new penfriend JAMIE in New York, who I have written to as a direct result of the Christmas Journal Class (with Shimelle - thanks Shimelle I now have a new friend.
Still putting the finishing touches to my Journal, so am off now to do a bit more.