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Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Chocolate to die for!!!

Last night at our crop Hayley brought the MOST wonderful chocolates. Her brother makes handmade chocolate - so delicious!!!! If ever you want special chocolate for a special person he is THE MAN!! It was the best I have ever tasted - think of the book and film "Chocolat". That says it all! Not only does it taste wonderful but it is so PRETTY as well.
I didn't have my camera last night so have no pictures - so sorry! And we only got the seconds! We had a bit of a supper last night at the crop, and the chocolates were a part of the spread-actually the whole supper was lovely.
We also did our Santa Swap at the meeting so I hope everyone was pleased with their gift.Most everyone took their parcel home un-opened, so may be (like me) they have so few surprises that again like me they took theirs to open on Christmas Day. I have saved mine to put under my tree. I love surprises so it will be so nice to open it on Christmas morning.

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jjjourneyahead said...

jennie...how fun! and i loooove chocolate, so i'm jealous....i make 15 pound of chocolate instead of cookies for Christmas. send me your address, i would love a penpal to exchange with so far away. thanks for your comments on my blog...having so much fun with our class. forthebabe@yahoo.com