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Thursday, 21 December 2006

Almost our last day in school

Tomorrow is the last day of term and in the afternoon we are having a "collapsed timetable" - (I always have a mental picture of the the date and times falling over in a heap):) :)
Anyway - to get back to tomorrow - Christine, Julie and I are running a Crafty Christmas session in the library, and this is one of the items we hope to do. I would like to thank Shirley Toogood for allowing us to use her design, as published in Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine.
Christine is going to show them how to make a little mouse with a candy cane tail and we have lots of card blanks to make Christms cards as well. Hope its fun for them - if they like it enough maybe we will start a Scrapbook/Card making club at lunchtimes in the New Year.

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Eleni said...

I hope the class went well and that you will have lots of interest in the new year!!!