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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Home and something to look forward to.

I thought I should let you know a little bit about my island. I live now in the cottage which is my dream home! and believe me I cannot believe my good fortune. Home is a traditional Manx cottage, built into the fold of a hillside, deeply sheltered from the wild winds and weather that the Irish Sea can throw at my island home. Sometimes I only find out it IS windy when I go up the steps and out of my garden gate! It is ver 200 years old with walls 2 feet thick and a chollick for a fire place with a coal fire, and small shelves for candles. Today it is wild and windy and it I am so glad to be warm and cosy inside.

I am looking forward to a new class starting tomorrow - Journal Your Christmas - by Shimelle. This will be my 4th class with Shimelle - and so I am really looking forward to it now. Can't wait for my first prompt in the morning!!

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