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Thursday, 2 December 2010

and the weather outside is frightful - - -

Britain has been hit by the snow - and there is no denying it - we are not geared up for dealing with it. It is very early in the winter for us to have been hit by snow quite this hard - but it happens so infrequently that the skills needed to live with snow never get to develop. Already this week my little island has been affected, and our transport suspended - no buses all weekend, roads closed, schools closed on Monday - and now we have the big freeze. The rest of UK is still being covered in the white stuff.  Yesterday it was Sheffield & Hull Universities that were closed (my daughter texted me to tell me she was heading back home - no lectures! And my friend's daughter texted her from Hull with similar news).
Of course being in the British Isles - the weather is of great significance - simply because it is so changeable - and our discussions about the weather take place on an almost daily basis - where-ever you might work - and the Weather Forecast is an obsession with the Artisan!! Not a single day goes by when he wouldn't want to know the weather forecast - all his hobbies are outdoor ones - and linked to the tides and the weather and the wind direction - so of course it is of huge importance to him. Now me - If I want to know what the weather is doing  -  I look out the window!!  
If I could have avoided coming in to work to stay home and play I would have done, but today it is the school Christmas Fayre and we are having a stall to raise a few funds for our Library Clubs.It is going to be a busy day for us as we put together all our goodies for our stall - and I was so busy making chocolates last night for our Choc-in-a- Boxes that I didn't get to stick down my papers to my page for my manifesto. It is on my daughters desk - just waiting! I did manage to glue everything down on my Christmas ATCs for our crop swap though.

Quote for the Day 
Oh! The North Wind doth blow
And we shall have snow
And what will poor Robin do then, poor thing?
He'll sit in a barn to keep himself warm
And hide his head under his wing, poor thing!

December 2nd - -  on this day

  • 1804 Napoleon Buonaparte Crowns himself Emperor of France at Notre Dame Cathedral
  • 1956 Fidel Castro & Che Guevara land in Cuba -  to initiate the Cuban revolution
  • 1988 Benezir Bhutto is sworn in as  the first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan becoming the first woman to lead the government of an Islam dominated state 
 The Zodiac sun sign for today is Sagittarius -  a Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter & according to Greek mythology a Centaur - half man, half horse - though better known to us The Archer. 

It's Saint Vivian's Day - and she is the patron saint of those affected by mental illness, again something my family has had to deal with as best we can - and in that I know we are not alone. 
I know it is unlikely I will get to create any pages tonight - but hope to share when I do manage to get them done. 

Bannaghtyn,  J x

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