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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bonfire Night - -

- - November 5th - 

Me  -"What's for tea?"

Mummy - "A Bonfire".

Me - “What are we having to eat?? Is Granny here? Is daddy home?? Where’s Grandad??”

Me - “Where’s daddy??”

Mummy – “In the garden - - Lighting the fire”

Me - “What are we having to eat??”

Mummy - “Hash, Black peas, Jacket Potatoes – get the salt, pepper & vinegar – put them on the kitchen table”

mmm Jacket Potatoes baked in the embers of the bonfire - - - al blackened skins, smoky tasting- and unbelievably hot!!! Parkin, Treacle Toffee - and fireworks! Oh the magic - - I love fireworks - - I do - - I find them truly magical - - I loved them when I was a child when we only had a small display in the garden - - and I love them still - - even  though now almost everywhere there is an official display – so much safer I am sure - - but I do miss that impromptu “bonfire  for tea” moment!

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