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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

What a change - -

- - in the weather! Yesterday was icy cold and bright - today - to steal a line from the song - nothing but grey skies!! and so much milder, at least that's what I thought til I heard the weather forecast on the the radio when it was announced that our Mountain Road is closed because of "adverse weather conditions". Oddly enough I didn't think it was cold enough for that - but there you go!!Life is full of surprises! The weather forecasters had said it could snow - and I have to admit to looking forward to that - just because it always looks so pretty - as it so rarely gets cold enough for snow here on my island, though I am NOT a great snow lover really.
I love the way it LOOKS - not the way it feels - I don't do cold & wet - yet tell me it's snowing and I will dash to the nearest window to watch the flakes as the first few drift apparently aimlessly down before turning into a great flurry - all in a race to be the first to land. And a real snowstorm - snowflakes accelerating like a Formula1 race driver, whirling past the window at a rate of knots, dancing, spinning, swirling & tossed by the wind so all you see is the snowflakes mad dance - muffling all sound , turning the world white & silent - and completely beautiful!! From inside looking out that is!

Also here is my page from 1st December - It lifts up to show the photos I took yesterday of our girls crafting (Crafty Corner in school) and our Advent calendar. There is additional journalling to go on - ie their names and details of what they are making, but I do not want to upload that info to the web so took the pictures before I add it.
My journalling for today's entry is above, and I will post pictures of my page tomorrow.


Jane said...

love the journal, will pop back and see how you get on, take care Jane xx

Latharia said...

Oh, I do hope you get some beautiful snow!! :D Love your pages, as always! :D So soft & warm!

lauren said...

I LOVE how poetic you are about the snow falling! Truly, a girl after my own heart!