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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Fat Pages & Jigsaw Swap

--- Ooooh I have had such fun with these swaps. I got my truly beautiful fat pages back yesterday - such a lot of talented artists have made me a page on my theme of Autumn and I put them all into a book last night. Need to take a few pictures to upload.

I have actually managed to finish my first 3 pieces of jiggy and am so pleased with the way they have turned out. We have each chosen a different theme - these are Flowers, Pink and If it Flies it must have Wings - my interpretation of course - but do hope that their future owners will like them.
It is very satisfying trying out new techniques and textures then including them in a piece of work, It makes me feel like a real artist!! LOL as if! But it has stretched me creatively I think so that has to be good has'nt it.
The photos don't show the colours very well really - the Flowers one is more Blue/Mauve than pink and the Pink is softer in colour too, whilst the Wings one is more turquoise and has a sparkle in the background which doesn't show on the photo.

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