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Monday, 25 February 2008

February 25th - Monday

- - and its Crafty Corner Day! I find myself really looking forward to the craft club with the students - and today I had a lovely surprise for them. I ordered some more Cardstock for them from A Trip Down memory Lane - and the lovely Mel & Jill sent a whole batch of older papers as a freebie for us to use with the girls!! I was so touched - it really is so kind of them - and my girls were delighted with the designs - all colourful and funky - They were Chatterbox paper s totally suited to their tastes!THANK YOU MEL & JILL.

I have completed my D tag for my Tags of Creativity book - so here it is. I covered my tag with packing tape, pounced it with alcohol inks in shades of green,painted a chipboard letter added a bit of gold highlights then covered it with Glossy accents, then stamped the rest of the letters to spell "design", a black paper flower with a brad centre and some doodling completed it. Very simple I know - but it felt like I was being an artist!! LOL.
So far I have represented Altered Art, Buttons, Collage and Design and I feel really pleased with my work - especially as I have never been very good at art - at least according to my art teacher at school - he said I wasn't!! Probably because I really CAN'T draw and that was what was considered art when I was at school - to be good at art you had to be able to draw - at least you had according to Mr Longden! - I couldn't - so ergo - no good at art. I much prefer today's interpretation - artists come in all mediums these days - and I have discovered I just love playing with collage - I still can't draw - but heyho - I will just be a different kind of artist! So there Mr Longden! You don't scare me anymore!!

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Jane said...

I know just what you mean, I have always felt useless at art because of school.