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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

December 19th

Well I have had rather a hectic few days so no blogging for me - just had no opportunity. I t has been slightly chaotic in school - rehearsals for the Christmas Concert were very frantic to say the least. Still it all came good in the end - even if it was way too long a concert!!! So it was a very busy weekend for me - on Friday night I was official photographer for the concert and I believe some of the pics are to go to the local paper as they couldn't send a press photographer- I am just an amateur - I really mean amateur! with my camera - so I don't think I will have anything good enough - the light in the hall was just all wrong for my little camera! Well I did my best!
Saturday - and Siobhan rang to say she had arranged a surprise Birthday Party for Ben and would we come - in the Ship Inn, she is amazing - finding a venue at this time of year - I had no success at all - but the Ship has an upstairs lounge - which they were willing to close for a private function! It was a lovely room as well so I must remember it for the future. She had done a buffet as well - well she and her mum had. It was a good evening and of course must be included in the journal - so I have just ignored the prompt for today - even though I could have used it - a this time we were the visitors!!!
Sunday was a catch up day - though we did have a bit of a special tea with Ben in mind and Monday was his actual 21st birthday - so that also must go in the journal! Another prompt gone by the board. It doesn't matter though as I do have last years journal - and may well have others in future years.
Had a day off yesterday - went for haircut & colour. Finished off my Christmas shopping in Douglas, and spent my birthday money from my mum & dad - got boots, trouser suit, top for Christmas Day as so many shops had sales on - already. I really needed a new coat - but couldn't find one that felt right.I ma behind with my cards - I have lost my address book - so cant remember addys to sent to friends!!! What am I to do!!
I have uploaded as many pages as I have got done so far TFL

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