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Monday, 26 November 2007

Crop Day!

Well the crop - and more to the point my "classes" - which I use very loosely since one was the Mini Maze book from Craft TV Weekly - went down very well. I think everyone had a lovely day - I certainly did. We had mincepies, mulled wine (the non alcoholic variety to take into account the drivers (it was DELICIOUS by the way - I NEED to get some for home over Christmas!! Thanks Meshell for finding it - you are a star!)and a mini buffet to go with our packed lunches. Everyone went home with a Christmas Mini Maze book and a Christmas wall hanging - which was my own design - so feel quite proud!
I managed to almost complete the CJ I am participating in - so have a tiny bit to finish tonight and it can be parcelled up ready for posting tomorrow. I have 2 mini maze books I have done for a swap on UKs ready to take to the post as well. All in all a very creative day!
here are a few photos of the maze books. I will post pictures of the wall hanging later.

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Jane said...

they all look gorgeous, glad it all went so well