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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Morning Glory

The most amazing sunrise this morning coming in to work - - the sky was breathtaking - turquoise, soft rosy pink and gold all pearly and iridescent - and just where the sun should be – red like the glowing embers of a dying fire. On either side of all this glowing beauty the clouds were pale grey, deepening to the most dramatic stormy grey as you looked further away from this luminous light and all this was reflected in the waters of Gansey Bay. The sea has turned into a sheet of shimmering Tiffany glass – the colours just so beautiful - glimmering, breathtaking colours – the few herring gulls around were all silhouetted against this magnificent sky - small black dots wheeling round and soaring away on what few thermals they could find. Seeing this is like being given a most precious gift – but – like the last slice of rainbow – you can’t hold it in your hands or even keep it for longer that a moment.
I came into work feeling totally uplifted - and frustrated because I can never capture the beauty on camera!! Instead you will just have to look at these I took of the sunset rather than the sunrise - at lease they are photos of the sky!!

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Jane said...

what gorgeous photos, makes you feel glad to be alive!