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Friday, 21 September 2007

UKS Madness - -

All this week there's been so much chat on the boards at UKS about the theme for the next UKS CyberCrop - - lots of winding up and speculation LOL:) :D - it been lots of fun for me lurking whilst I was in work - anyway it has finally been announced - the theme is a Birthday Party!!! I should have guessed I suppose - UKS is FIVE years old this year! Of course I have signed up - how could I not - the classes are such fun and the kits are amazing, though I do try to use my own stash. The fun has started already with swaps and challenges going up, and this CC is slightly different it starts the weekend of 5th Oct and continues over the following 3 weekends - so it maybe won't be quite so manic as usual.
I have also offered to be a CCMummy - hope I can cope! I'll do my best anyway. Have just finished my latest ATC swap - will coat them tomorrow to protect them and will add a picture later.

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Sharon said...

Oh you could have been my mummy! I'm in the Juggling Jellies team and have already been adopted. Nona is doing a grand job looking after me.
I am so excited about joininhg in with my first CC - I have oodles of motivation at moment which is great!!!