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Monday, 18 June 2007

Conference - and gloomy rooms!!

Off on a trip tomorrow with work. I am going off island for a couple of days to a conference for work. Must admit to quite looking forward to the change of scene, as our office at work has been moved to temporary quarters whilst our classrooms and offices are refurbished, the servers moved to a new home and all the attendant periphals relocated too. The room we are in is one of the drama rooms - and I have to admit to finding it quite depressing. It has definitely affected me - I am a glass half full type of lady usually, the eternal optimist who sees my world through rose coloured specs - but I get home after a day in this dark and gloomy room and feel so DOWN!! and we've only been in it a week - goodness knows what I'll be like by the end of term!! Everything is such an effort, it has even taken the edge off my scrapping and my poor old Mojo has abandoned me totally. I don't think I would have done these pages without the Design Collective's inspiration and signing up for a tag swap on UKS.
These tags were inspired by the ones I made for the swap, and this page by the Design Collective class in issue 10.

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