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Saturday, 3 March 2007

Sunny Saturday Morning

Well it really poured with rain last night - and this morning I woke to the blackbird's song and azure blue sky above my head through the skylight! March has come in like a lamb - I think - not sure, as it is much windier than I expected. Spaldrick Bay is peacock blue, the waves topped with fluffy white ripples of foam, dancing and sparkling white in the sunshine. Tiny puffballs of cloud scud by in the blue brightness overhead and I want to shout and sing for the pure joyousness of the day. The wind whips my hair round my face yet the sun is so bright I need to shade my eyes in order to see the beach and in the surf there are two jet skiers enjoying the gloriousness of the day.
In the field across the road the rabbits are out in force - at least a dozen of them their white scuts disappearing in a flurry as the tractor come through the gate.
I have added another page to my my new journal - will upload a picture later.

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