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Monday, 26 March 2007

Monday - and Spring has arrived in earnest.

Spring really has arrived on my island home. The weather has given us a perfect spring weekend, with blue skies and sunshine and a freshness in the air so that the very air smells of rebirth and renewal. The Saturday trip to the Curraghs was a really lovely day out and because there are so many trees with bare and almost bare branches it was so easy to see all the animals. On Sunday it was UKS Castletown Croppers all day Spring crop and 17 of us met to share classes, challenges and fun. It was a really good day and most enjoyable for me when the class was over! Special thanks have to go to Scrapdolly and Anso for sharing the instructions for the Exploding Box on their blogs - the boxes looked really nice, as you can see from the piccie here.

The daffodils are going over in some places but here in Castletown they are dancing and nodding in the breeze.It was so lovely at lunch time when I was out that I didn't want to go back in to school - especially as there is not much natural light in my office.The sun was sparkling on the water in the harbour and the swans were weaving their stately way between the yachts moored in the harbour. My time in the sun was over all to soon though and I had to dash back to get in in time! I do so lose track of time here!!LOL

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