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Wednesday, 7 February 2007

These Hands - - - -

Have your fingers frozen to the bone? Are they all typed out? Are your hands covered in any of the following? paper cuts? glitter? paint? rasberry jelly? Are you a manicure kinda girl? Do you wear any jewelry? Your hands are a critical part (yet often ignored) aspect of your daily life.

So... for today's Trendy Tuesday Challenge. Take a photo of your hands. (scrap it if you like...) and tell me about them!

The Tuesday fun challenge for this week on A Fancy Word for Simple blog was about hands, so here is my page for the challenge. It is very significant for me as my eldest daughter has a "thing" about my hands - and has had since she was toddler just learning to talk and walk. She has always stroked them whenever we meet,and still does, so this photo was taken with the intention of it being added to her Scrapbook, so the prompt forced the issue and it is now finished. I wrote the poem for her, and it says
These are the hands that held you
When you were oh so small
These are the hands you always stroke
Whenever you come to call

These are the hands you always hold
Whenever we go for a walk
These are the hands that you will hold you close
When you feel the need to talk

These are the hands that are filled with love
To share amongst you all
These are the hands that hold you up
If you ever start to fall

These hands are the legacy
That I bequeath to you
May your hands be always filled with a love
That is strong and brave and true

The colours are clearer and brighter IRL, as the pink is much brighter and the mounts are chocolate brown, just brads and letter stickers complete it as the sentiment in the poem is what matters to me most on this LO.


Latharia said...

Oh, what a wonderful poem!!! How special for you to archive this!

angieoh! said...

I must say - this is so beautiful. I am so proud and honored and blessed to be in this project and have all you wonderful ladies share a little piece of yourself with us. You are a super cool lady and this choked me up a little. thanks - for you and being real!