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Monday, 5 February 2007

Sun and Stars - - -

So much lighter and brighter going into work this morn, with a mother of pearl sky like the inside of an oyster shell in front of us. The gulls were silhouetted against the rising sun, wheeling and diving just over the bay at Gansey. They look so graceful up there on the wing and yet are such a pest when they are on the ground, that I sometimes wonder if they are the same creatures!!
Well our Steam Packet ferry service came a real cropper this weekend as it was in Liverpool harbour - the Seacat was crashed into by a ship being towed by a tug, and sunk!! All passengers and crew got off safely with only minor injuries, fortunately but there are still over 50 vehicles under water on the car decks. This could cause the company big problems this year at TT fortnight, I will have to "watch this space" as they say.
The day turned out to be bright and cold - real February weather I suppose - beautiful blue skies, completely cloudless and with rays of sunshine dancing off the sea in the harbour so that it sparkles like diamonds. So lovely to see sunlight on water giving a feel of spring in the air in spite of the cold, though they have forecast more cold weather for us! No warmth in those rays though - much too thin and silvery for that, so of course tonight a midnight blue cloth is pinned to the sky with stars!!

Here on the island I can see the stars again and it inspired me to make a patchwork quilt for my cottage when we moved in. I entered it into both the Southern Show & the Royal Manx Show after much persuasion by my friend Brenda, and was over the moon to get a second place! I was so proud - the Shows are an enormously important part of rural life on the island - I certainly didn't think I stood any chance as there are so many talented and skilful craftswomen here.This is the quilt - so maybe I should take a leaf out of Shimelle's book and scrapbook my craft work. Perhaps one day.
It's our monthly crop tomorrow so I am looking forward to seeing my crafting friends and catching up with all their news. I don't have much time in between getting in and having to go out again so it's often a bit hectic on Crop Tuesday!!

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